A storm is brewing, the table is set, the friends are familiar and the stories of everyday triumphs are cocked and ready to go. A group of old friends throw what should be an innocuous dinner party, until the host decides to entertain a guest of dishonour. She invites a sex worker to the dinner under the guise of pushing the boundaries of her friends. The new guest’s presence prompts a pissing contest over who is the most unfazed and the party unravels into a pageant of moral posturing. Until, underneath the howls of wind, whispers of malicious intent spread through the circle of friends, causing them to scrutinise her suspicious motives. Why did this unprecedented guest agree to come to dinner? The power blacks out. The elevator is down. With no way to leave, their web of lies comes undone and now a flavourless curry is the least of their worries.

Valorie - The Queen Bee

Valorie has spent her life using moral righteousness as a tentpole for her self- esteem. It's not enough for Valorie to be good, everyone else must be not as good as her. Valorie’s intentions stem from a good place, a genuine desire to make the world better, but over time they have warped into weapons disguised as good intentions. Valorie loves Sara for adoring Valorie. However, being put on a pedestal is wearing thin and Valorie instigates an affair with an old flame, Noah, out of 'kindness.'

Sara - The People Pleaser

Sara grew up surrounded by old-money and old-fashioned values that forced her to hide her sexuality and ultimately led to a hatred of the privilege she came from. Her whole life she has felt like an outsider; too different for her family and too privileged for her peers. Over time, this isolation has manifested in an obsessive need to fit in. But her desperation stops her from effortlessly blending in. Sara loves Valorie because of her unshakeable confidence, something Sara has never possessed.

Noah - The Charmer

Noah is effortless and shameless in his ability to flirt with women, a skill he exercises regularly. On the surface, Noah appears to be the quintessential happy- go-lucky bachelor, but he has a sadness motivating his need to focus on the frivolous. An old heartbreak has left him perpetually searching for the same genuine connection; attempting to replace or replicate the one woman who made him feel a deep, genuine, vulnerable, ugly, love.

Angelo - The Shit Stirrer

Over the years, Angelo has grown bored and critical of his friend's emotional baggage, but he socialises out of nostalgia and a sense of duty to a decade-long friendship. He’s heard every story a million times before and it’s easier to prod others' insecurities than address his own. As a tall, strapping, gay man he’s stereotyped as a dominant masculine force within his community. After a lifetime of playing this part, Angelo fantasises about being something to be desired, consumed and adored.

Jasmin - The Master Manipulator

Jasmin seamlessly becomes the personality she knows people want her to be. With Sara, she is maternal and a woman fighting for a better life for her child. With Noah, she is a sex kitten who sees to the core of men. With Valorie, she is a student utilising the weakness of men to get ahead. With Angelo, she is unapologetically in touch with her sexuality. She sells them the story they need to hear to validate their pre-established notions of what a ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ should be.


- Auditions will be held in North Fitzroy on Sunday September 22nd and Sunday October 6th.
- Part of Midsumma festival, show dates will be Wednesday to Saturday from Jan 21st to Feb 1st 2020, with the option to extend until Feb 8th, should we sell out (which we did last year!)

- Once cast, rehearsals will be set around the availability of the people that are right for the roles, not the other way around!

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We at Bitten By Productions produce new Australian work with the aim of creating exciting, dynamic and story driven theatre. We believe in fostering talented and passionate Australian creatives of all cultural, racial and sexual identities.

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